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As an application specialist for food and beverage filtration using cross-flow filtration  we are able to offer our customers
a vast expertise in the use and production of membrane modules.

Together with our customers we offer to carry out experimental laboratory or pilot scale testing for your specific food and beverage processes. This is complemented ideally by our comprehensive ultra- and microfiltration module portfolio.

Focused, competent and customer-oriented.

You will find customized membrane filtration products with a comprehensive module portfolio for your micro- and ultrafiltration needs, worldwide service and process support.

We are looking forward to supporting you with all topics regarding your filtration requirements.

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From experience: typical flux ranges of tubular ultrafiltration membranes during
the clarification of different fruit juices

The performance of UF membrane modules in the sense of stable and high permeate fluxes when clarifying juices is depending on a couple of decisive parameters. Some of the most important influencing variables are: kind of juice, processing temperature, sugar content (Brix) und the use of filter aids.

As a rule of thumb for cross-flow operated ultrafiltration applies: the higher the sugar content, the lower the permeate flux which can be expected.

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